3rd Generation Avionics now available for UAVs

February 5, 2015

The latest evolution of esc Aerospace’s modern avionics is now available for deployment on various unmanned platforms. The 3rd generations avionics take several existing sub-systems including accelerometers, gyroscopes and on board computers and integrate them all onto 1 functional avionics unit, saving space, power consumption, and improving performance while lowering the integration time needed by providing a single interface.

Operating as a full mission capable autopilot, the system has already been installed on several remote piloted aerial systems (RPAS), including the HAES 400 JET UAV. Retrofitting of additional UAVs such as the HAES Scanner, 90 and 400 platforms was possible thanks to the flexible architecture and customizable autopilot parameters. These 3rd generation avionics are also available for purchase on the company’s eshop as standalone components.

The esc Aerospace Unmanned Systems Team

On-board avionics for ESA, EDA, MoD – (3rd generation) – G3 (2013-2015)



  • HAES 90 – mini unmanned reconnaissance carrier “Electric ray”
  • HAES 400 – autonomous aerial target system
  • HAES 400 JET – autonomous aerial target system (jet engine)
  • HAES Scanner – reconnaissance and surveillance system
  • AE VORKUT – LMAMS (in development)

Purchase our products on-line at www.esc-aerospace.com/eshop/