SPACEPIX on a move: New project won on Cosmic dosimetry

October 31, 2017

esc Aerospace in cooperation with Czech Technical University in Prague has won a new project on Cosmic dosimetry. In October 2017 the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic has approved the outcomes of the evaluation of the tender and decided to accept esc Aerospace’s proposal.

The main goal is a realization of a detection dosimetric chip for cosmic applications based on compact pixel detectors of ionizing radiation with regard to the radiation hardness achievable with the SOI CMOS (Silicon on Insulator) technology. Another goal of the project is an expansion of knowledge and technological basis for development of microelectronic commercial products not only for European, but worldwide space industry. The result of this project will be the demonstration of the chip, which will enable the measurement of standard dosimetric properties, identification of different types of radiation and measurement of LET (Linear Energy Transfer) in a wide range.

The Spacepix is a revolutionary ASIC designed for wide range of space radiation measurements. It can be deployed as a highly miniaturized radiation detector with radiation identification capability for advanced radiation detection and early warning systems.

Its key features are:

• Directly sensitive to galactic cosmic rays, solar wind and trapped radiation electrons and protons

• ASIC bare die dimensions 4×4.5 mm2

• 180 nm SoI technology

• 4096 channels arranged in a matrix of 64×64 pixels

• Fast column ADCs

• Comprehensive IO / Payload Support

• Configurability

• Possibility of ASIC stacking