DroSecMa successfully passed the Baseline Design Review

March 14, 2018

The DroSecMa Demonstration Project team has successfully passed the Baseline Design Review and is preparing the Critical Design Review now.

DroSecMa extends the enterprise perimeter to include the airspace and provides enhanced security and operations (large corporations, critical infrastructure, financial institutions, etc.).

Exponential increase in capability and reduced costs have made drones (UAS / UAV / RPAS) a truly disruptive technology. Their capabilities may be leveraged to significantly improve enterprise operations and reduce costs. However, the sheer number of drones and their capabilities also represents a growing threat (wither accidental or with malicious intent).

DroSecMa provides the ability to mitigate the threat presented by drones while leveraging their capabilities for enhanced surveillance and inspection. Drones may be used in ways that are much more efficient and in situations where human interactions may be problematic, un-safe, not cost effective, or impossible.

• escCUAS™ (CUAS/Counter-UAS): use of multi-sensor technology to acutely detect, identify and track intruding drones. This capability also provides automated or manual countermeasures (note: active countermeasures may not be legal)

• escMSAP™ (MSAP/Multi-Service Aerial Platforms): provides state-of-the-art drone technologies for surveillance and inspection both manual or fully autonomous operations and beyond the visual line of sight (BVLOS) (if permitted).

DroSecMa services can be used as stand-alone solutions or be part of a higher-level Risk Management System / Corporate Security System.

For more details follow the link www.business.esa.int/projects/drosecma