Full range of Software System engineering is what we do

esc is a leader in the field of on-board software in the Czech Republic and it is one of the leading Czech SMEs in innovative R&D projects with a focus on aerospace.

esc is experienced in other areas like custom embedded systems for industrial automation, PLC technology, data transmission and software systems applications.




Embedded Systems & Sensors

embedded systems

One of the prime examples of he full capabilities of esc Aerospace is the complete system implementation and integration of 3rd party sensors, which specialize in the detection of any particular item of interest, and create a fully functional system, prototype or product including integration and/or software for users.

Software Systems in Transportation



Intelligent transportation systems, including navigation and vehicle tracking systems. We have and continue to provide innovative technologies and comprehensive know-how to benefit customers in the field of intelligent transportation.

Software for Data Processing

Data Processing


Large scale data processing for various applications. Data processing is a highly customized section of any project, it is the interfacing and conversion of large amounts of instrument data into useful scientific results. Here are some of the projects where esc has delivered data processing software:

Software in Energetics and Ciritical Systems


From industrial chillers and heat exchanges to PLC programming. esc Aerospace has delivered software for chillers used in nuclear industry for chilling water in the secondary circuit of a nuclear power plant.

Complete Systems: Ultra-sound scanner

esc has previously developed a custom ultrasonic testing device using both hardware and software for an important player on the world market of ultrasonic and non-destructive testing.

The technologies included: C++, Qt, FireBird, Cortex CPU, and FPGA

System Details

Synchroniser parameters: 24V ± 20%, max. 1 A, 8x full IRC channel (differential pairs A, B, Z, 5V, LED signalisation, short-circuit detection and protection), 24b@25 MHz counters, deep FIFO memory, 1 kV galvanic insulation; 100 Mbit Ethernet, configuration via USB 2.0; 16x GPIO, mountable on DIN rail.

Scanning surface configurations: flat part surface, rotation disk surface, conical part.

A complex system (GUI based application Scan Suite, database, motion planning and an external HW synchroniser) is responsible for ultrasonic measurement on a 4-axes stand (x, y, z, rotation) allows to plan the scanning trajectory, define regions of interest for statistical evaluation, visualisation of the collected A- and C-scans, and reporting in for of PDF files.




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