UAV / RPAS Applications

esc offers UAV/RPAS Applications and Services.


Aerial Photogrammetry

esc offers different types of aerial photography and precision metrics:


Also known as a birds-eye-view, an orthophotograph is an aerial photograph that is geometrically corrected (ortho-rectified, or made perpendicular to the Earth’s surface) so that the scale of the subjects in the image is uniform. Or in other words the image does not have distortion, and can be considered uniform just like a map. Unlike an uncorrected aerial photograph, an orthophotograph can be used to measure accurate distances because of the uniform scale, it is an accurate representation of the Earth’s surface at that time. Additionally, multiple orthophotographs can be stitched together to provide a large area at high resolution. An example of this is Google Earth or any other web-based map that offers a “satellite view” with high detail.


Panoramic Images

Multiple images taken from a UAV can be combined or stitched together for form a aerial panoramic image. Whether the application is for tourism, promotion, real-estate, training, geographic study or just archiving, aerial panoramic images add value given their relatively hard to access vantage point above the ground, for any particular angle of imaging. In certain situations standard cameras might not cover the desired angle a given point in the air, therefore using modern computational software can recreate a realistic panorama of what a landscape would look like from the air.



Digital Surface Modeling

One of the main-stay industrial and government applications is the acquisition of up to date land topology, elevation and resource mapping. Using a UAVs ability to carry various payloads, such a typical camera but can carry more specific equipment such as an Infra Red (IR) sensor or laser elevation/range sensors. This allows for very accurate data collection, where such data can later be used for a variety of end products typically presented in a GIS compatible Digital Surface Model.


Oblique Images

Taking pictures during low altitudes is ideal for getting detailed images of cities and building. Highly suited for real-estate and promotional materials, where individuals buildings can be presented at an otherwise unaccessable angle, and give customers a better view of the surrounding areas. Such images can of course be combined with various other imaging techniques such panoramic imaging.



Aerial Cinematography / Video Documentation

Putting a full HD camera into a UAV can generate amazing and breath taking footage that is unique while adding value and uniqueness to any video production. Using various methods of piloting the UAV, from autonomous flying and pre-programming the path to obtain footage, to manual line-of-sight to control the flight and the camera system, both methods yield results at the fraction of the cost of hiring alternative sources of footage such as airplane of helicopter rental.


Data Transfer & Command

Telecommunication via WiMAX

esc has developed Long Range Communication System (LRACOMS) based on WiMAX, that provides a transfer of high quality data through airborne station. The payload application is able to process and visualize data gained through the proposed wireless data link. The camera system on-board the plane provides visual data for the payload application and the UAV can be controlled remotely by commands from a human operator using the payload application on a laptop. The system can be deployed in situations with large distances of variable communication coverage or can be used by multiple receivers simultaneously.



Utilization of UAV Applications

There are many areas in industrial, governmental and academic fields, where UAV/RPAS platforms are used. As UAV and Remote Piloted Aircraft System specialists, esc Aerospace provides services and consulting in the following applications:


Digital Mapping & Post-processing


Infastructure & Transport




Aerial Mapping of Utilities




Mining Monitoring & Mapping




Disaster Site Monitoring & Mapping




Post-Disaster Relief Operations




Archeological Site Mapping


 Aerial Terrain Mapping




Nuclear Accident – Contamination Measurement





Forestry Management & Research




Hydrometic Mapping





Illegal Activity Control



International Summit Surveillance



Emergency Communications Network (incl. Relay)



Waste Burning Control


Illegal Logging Control


Fire Scene Inspection



Illegal Mining


Road & Highway Traffic Monitoring


Radiation Measurement & Monitoring




Perimeter Surveillance



Real Estate Photography




Police Applications


Forest Fire Opperations Support



Traffic Accident Analysis




Aerial Photography of Power Line / Cable



Critical Infrastructure Inspection


Aerial Photography of Oil & Gas Pipeline


Aerial Inspection of Solar Panels



Aerial Inspection of Cooling Towers


Bridge Inspection



Crowd Surveillance


Human Trafficking Control



Dike Monitoring



Sporting Events Surveillance



Criminal Car Tracking


Illecal Dumping Control



Regional Surveillance