Counter UAS (CUAS) as new part of corporate security management


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esc Aerospace

  1. is a vendor-independent system house with core competences in comprehensive concept development and
    intelligent implementation of drone detection & defence solutions
  2. we offer modular design and supplier independence (investment protection) of the overall system
  3. integration of the drone detection & defence system into the existing security engineering

Our CUAS systems:

  1. guarantee security of infrastructure and people, corporate risk reduction
  2. protect areas of all sizes with high reliability
  3. are customized into your risk management system
  4. implementation, training, support & maintenance services

24/7 airspace surveillance with a minimum amount of false alarms


System Overview:




Smart RF Jammers (narrow and wide band – FHSS, WiFi)
GNSS jamming
HPEM (high power electromagnetical microwave)

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Against today’s threats and risks:

The number of civilian drones (UAVs or RPAS) sold has risen sharply in recent years. The availability of civilian drones with ever-improving abilities in the areas of

• range,
• speed,
• altitude,
• autonomous flight (pre-programmed GPS navigation),
• data capacity for video cameras (HD, Ultra HD) and sensors
• communication with the operator

are constantly increasing. In addition to great useful benefits and applications, civilian drones also bring considerable hazard potential.

As a result, our customers’ security can sharply deteriorate beyond their control as a result of technological development.

We have the ability to support our customers with regard to these new challenges in the areas of safety, security and respect for the rights of companies, institutions and individuals. The objective here is to continue to ensure a high level of protection of the airspace, or restore it. If potential hazards appear, our customers can be well prepared by our consultants and our drone defence solutions.

esc Aerospace has many years of experience in the development and production of military drones (UAVs) and defence against them. We use this wealth of experience in our customer projects to defend against civilian drones (RPAS).

Our approach:

Typically, we analyze all the relevant requirements using contemporary security concepts or, depending on the risks, develop new concepts.

Current or planned EU laws, such as those affecting security, travel safety, privacy protection, insurance, data protection, civil rights, and liability, must be taken into account.


Areas of Consultancy

Our consultants combine this extensive experience and knowledge of the development of and defence against military UAVs with their many years of project management experience. In general they are divided into the following 4 phases:

Phase 1   Feasibility

Initial assessment of the current security situation in the project area

  1. Definition of the technical possibilities of defence drones
  2. Specific analysis of the customer’s situation, as well as application of our technological solutions
  3. Further steps after consultation with the customer

Phase 2 Procurement

Solution tailoring and engineering and establishing a security roadmap toward implementation

  1. Analysis of the legal situation of the operator and the customer at risk
  2. Organizational optimization and integration using modern security concepts
  3. Identification of civilian drones and their operators, and documentation of the situation
  4. Proposals for external and internal communication of the defence concept
  5. Establishment of project management.

Phase 3 Deployment

Installation and delivery of anti drone systems and on-site integration

  1. Construction of Drone Defence systems
  2. Integration of our drone defence solutions into existing IT systems
  3. Analysis of the consequences for the employees/security personnel
  4. Deployment assistance

Phase 4 Operations

Full transfer to business as usual status and on-going security including post-delivery support

  1. Resource data gathering, analysis, optimization
  2. Employee training
  3. Parts maintenance and Software updates

For more information contact Dr. Andreas Hausotter


Phone: +49-173-326-6075