Unmanned Systems (UAVs)

drohneUnmanned Systems encompass any type of vehicles and platforms, from boats to submarines to aircraft that do not have a pilot onboard the actual vehicle. Commonly known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), are also known as drones. Its flight and operations are either controlled autonomously by computers in the vehicle, or under the remote control of a pilot on the ground or in another vehicle.

There are a wide variety of drone shapes, sizes, configurations, and characteristics, and esc provides UAVs that are capable of being piloted with both remote and autonomous control/autopilot options fully available. While payload control being our area of expertise.

Today they mainly deployed for military applications, but a growing number of civil applications, such as land surveying and security work, such as surveillance of pipelines and border patrols. UAVs are often preferred for missions that are too ‘repetitive, dirty, or dangerous’ for manned aircraft or where significant cost savings are possible with automated tasks.



Avionics & Autopilots

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Controlling the mission critical equipment


Fully developed UAVs designed, engineered and tested by esc and its partners

Ground Segment

Support equipment for UAVs, telecommunication and mission control


UAV/RPAS Training

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Electrical ground support equipment is essencial to mission success; see how and what esc can deliver for your projects


Take a look at the common UAV standards used and followed by esc to complete projects


HAES 400
HAES jet
HAES Scanner


HAES Production

HAES_400Manufactured by HAES Group (a joint venture of the companies Hacker Model Production and Evolving Systems Consulting), is constructed of carbon fiber and epoxy-based materials to optimize weight and strength.

The drones are launched from a rail system and can land by using a parachute recovery system. Recovered targets are repaired, tested and reused. Most UAVs can carry a full range of current target payloads, these can include infrared and radar enhancements and a chaff/flare dispenser set. However practically any type of instrument can be controlled, from accelerometers to radiation detectors.

esc is developing 4 UAV production lines (HAES 90, 400, 400 JET and HAES Scanner). R&D development in Unmanned Control Systems (ESCUCS) includes S&A Collision Avoidance System; UAS Ground Segment modules compliant with STANAG 4586 w/ C2 integration; long-term aims also include UGV and even UUV.


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