HAES Scanner

The HAES Scanner is a medium endurance unmanned aircraft system. The HAES Scanner’s primary mission is reconnaissance and surveillance in support of the operational commander.

The HAES Scanner is a system, not just an aircraft. A fully operational system consists of one aircraft (with sensors), a Ground Data Terminal, an Image Receiving System, a HAES Scanner Satellite Link, along with operations and maintenance crews for deployed 24-hour operations.

The basic crew for the HAES Scanner is a pilot and a payload operator. HAES Scanner follows a conventional launch sequence from a semi-prepared surface under direct line-of-sight control. The take-off distance is typically 50 m (165 ft) and landing 100 m (330 ft).

The mission is controlled through real-time video signals received in the Ground Data Terminal. Command users are able to task the payload operator in real-time for images or video on demand. The surveillance and reconnaissance payload capacity is 10 kg (22 lb), and the vehicle carries electro optical and infrared cameras. The aircraft can be equipped with sensors as the mission requires. The cameras produce full-motion video.

Download datasheet in PDF:

HAES Scanner datasheet