5th Generation Avionics

The G5 is the fifth generation of avionics. It is a miniaturized high reliability system for an advanced control and autonomous flight. It contains the latest software and performance updates available from esc Aerospace for RPAS/UAS systems, with a large array of standardized interfaces.


The key features are:

• high-performance ARM Cortex M7 procesor

 • 2 Mbytes Flash memory with ECC capability 1 Mbyte SRAM
• 856 DMIPS at 400 MHz


• built-in, factory calibrated and temperature compensated IMU

• 3-Axis Angular Rate Measurement
• 3-Axis Acceleration Measurement
• 3-Axis Magnetometer
• temperature sensors for temperature compensation of IMU; drift reduction and gain compensation

• Absolute and Differential Pressure Sensors
• Power regulation with efficient switching
• Battery voltage and current monitoring life information
• Wide range ports: UART, RS232, RS485, CAN, SPI, I2C, I/O, analogue inputs
• GPS/GLONASS receiver
• external IMU supported

Comprehensive IO / Payload Support:

• 8 Servos on-board
• CAN bus
• Ethernet bus
• USB bus
• serial UART, RS232, RS485
• Analog inputs
• Digital I/O
• Current monitoring
• Engine RPM
• SD card slot

Precision Sensor Suite:

• Integrated 3-Axis Magnetometer for VTOL navigation
• Integrated IMU sensors
• Integrated GPS/GLONASS receiver

Easy connection to:

• ADS-B transponders
• Iridium SatComm
• RTK GPS receivers
• Laser Altimeters (LIDAR)
• Flight terminator

Download datasheet in PDF:

5th Generation Avionics datasheet