Ultrasonic Detection System

A custom ultrasonic testing software for an important player on the world market of ultrasonic and non-destructive testing.

Technologies: C++, Qt, FireBird; External synchroniser: Cortex CPU, FPGA

A complex system (GUI based application Scan Suite, database, motion planning and an external HW synchroniser) responsible for ultrasonic measurement on a 4-axes stand (x, y, z axes, rotation) allows to plan the scanning trajectory, define regions of interest for statistical evaluation, visualisation of the collected A- and C-scans, and reporting in for of PDF files.

Synchroniser parameters: 24V ± 20%, max. 1 A, 8x full IRC channel (differential pairs A, B, Z, 5V, LED signalisation, short-circuit detection and protection), 24b@25 MHz counters, deep FIFO memory, 1 kV galvanic insulation; 100 Mbit Ethernet, configuration via USB 2.0; 16x GPIO, mountable on DIN rail.

Scanning surface configurations: flat part surface, rotation disk surface, conical part.


Download datasheet in PDF:

Ultrasonic Detection System datasheet