Payload ControlThe payload carried by the vehicle can be sensor systems and associated recording devices that are installed on the air vehicle, or they can consist of stores, e.g. weapon systems, and associated control/feedback mechanisms, or both. The data link element consists of the Air Data Terminal (ADT) in the air vehicle and the Ground Data Terminal (GDT), which may be located on surface, sub-surface or air platforms. The control of the UAV System and communication with its payloads is achieved through the UCS and data link elements. The UCS element incorporates the functionality to generate, load and execute the UAV mission and to disseminate usable information data products to various C4I systems or a custom external system.



Collision Avoidance

A fundamental component in UAV systems and aircraft

Reconnaissance & Surveillance

A range of different systems for security operations

Radiation Detection

The newest generation of Radiation Detectors available on the market

Communication (WiMAX)

The communication systems between UAVs and the ground station or mission control