Collision Avoidance System

The ARCA (Adaptive Routing and Conflict Management for Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles) introduces an innovative algorithm for conflict detection on UAVs.

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Within the project an autonomous on-board flight system able to guide a UAV towards a specific destination modifying its own flight trajectory in reaction to a variety of external situations, maintaining the separation with other aircraft in both restricted and non restricted airspace was developed. This capability will only be exploitable if all commercial traffic is equipped with devices for providing navigation information such as the ADS-B.

Mission background

One important change in Aeronautics and Air Traffic Management (ATM) is the progressive introduction of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) for both military and civil scopes. Civilian UAV flight operations introduced into the civil airspace within 2010-25 may include very important tasks, such as: Natural Disaster and Emergencies Assistance; Nuclear Facilities Protection; Pipeline Inspection; Assessment and Monitoring; Scientific Mission Participation, and others.

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