Cyber crisis control

 Risk = Probability x Damage

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Cyber Incident Probability

  1. No relevant statistics available
  2. If someone wants to attack, he will succeed
  3. You might be attacked already, unnoticed
  4. You can reduce probability (win time), by taking appropriate preventive measures
  5. The question is not IF, but WHEN you will experience an Cyber Crisis


 Cyber Incident Damage

  1. Depends on how well & how fast managed
  2. Requires preparation & training of all involved
  3. External partners must be lined up before it happens
  4. Part of damage can be insured, but only if sufficient preparatory damage control measures are in place 

 What are potential costs of a Cyber Crisis?

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Where do you want to invest next?

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What makes us unique?

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What do we offer?


Board Awareness

  1. discussing potential consequences of Cyber Issues for your company
  2. in terminology your Executive Team / Board understands

Examplary Risk Quantification

  1. scenario-based estimations of concrete damages to your company in case of an incident
  2. illustrating the potential impact on your daily business and the (direct and indirect) cost of managing a crisis and ist aftermath

 Balanced Investment Options

  1. how much investment in preventive measures makes sense?
  2. how much effort in preparing for crisis management should you invest?


Crisis Preparation

  1. training your Executive Team and key staff on how to manage a Cyber Crisis in practice
  2. supporting you in selecting and contracting relevant 3rd party crisis services in advance (e.g. crisis communication, IT forensic, legal)

 Crisis Management

  1. in case of an incident, we can coach you through it, help you make the right moves & decisions
  2. providing state-of-the-art tools (planned) to help you manage the crisis effectively


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Cyber crisis control datasheet