WiMAX Comm System

Long Range Communication System (LRACOMS) based on WiMAX. A transfer of high quality data through airborne station.

                         “Long Range Communication System via Aircraft”.


The two-year research project with a cooperating Israeli partner RUNCOM Ltd. aimed to research and develop a communication relay system based on the WiMAX technology and its integration and testing on unmanned aircraft vehicles. The testing was carried out in the Czech Republic. The developed payload application is able to process and visualize data gained through the proposed wireless data link. The camera system on-board the plane provides visual data for the payload application and the UAV can be controlled remotely by commands from a human operator using the payload application on a laptop. The developed system can be deployed in situations with large distances of variable communication coverage or can be used by multiple receivers simultaneously.

Mission background

Systems of this type have recently been used only for military field. Now they are also being used in other areas of human activity, e.g. in the areas of Security and Disaster Management.

The project was partially funded through Czech-Israel bilateral programme GESHER/MOST (MŠMT, CZECHINVEST).


Article about the project LRACOMS in magazine AUTOMA: LRACOMS_article_AUTOMA