EGSE software

esc Aerospace provided Accelerometer (ACC) instrument EGSE (Electrical Ground Support Equipment) Software for the SWARM mission.

ACC Instrument EGSE functionality:

• Used during instrument development, verification / validation testing on the instrument level and during the Spacecraft integration

• Communication front-end for generating, handling a receiving TC (telecommand) / TM (telemetry) packets, according to the appropriate ESA standards (Ground Systems and Operations, Telemetry and Telecommand Packet Utilization ECSS-E-70-41)

• Load and dump SW (including EEPROM patching)

• Receive and parsing of Housekeeping and Science data

• Automatic communication logging

• Simulation of the spacecraft OBC (On-board computer) functionality

• Allows generate all TC packets for the ACC instrument.

• Open architecture allows user to write own test scripts including TC packet sequences in widely known PHP scripting language

• Automatic Data parsing

• EGSE SW functionality provides packet filtering, automatic conversion, generated logs and error logs

• Packet Analyzer including Validar module provides functionality for autonomous validation of single packets and packet sequences

• Test front-end for testing of ACC HW, both digital and analogue part with specific test of HW

• Control of EGSE HW modules: HW module for two serial RS422 interfaces, digital I/O interface to PPS generator and instrument internal relays control, communication with MCU-controlled instrument electronics checkout unit and remote-controlled power supply

• Support for autonomous and operator assisted instrument SW and HW tests


• Provides on-line view (tabular and graphical) of the instrument status and control of instrument operation








• TC TM FE LAN module

• Provides communication interface for C&C messages from Core GSE (GSE for the SWARM spacecraft including all on-board instruments) in the integrated configuration

• Technology: Linux/C++/Qt/PHP


Download datasheet in PDF:

EGSE software datasheet