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esc has delivered software for chillers used in nuclear industry for chilling water in the secondary circuit of a nuclear power plant. The platform Siemens Simatic STEP-7 PLC is used in safety-related applications (Class B).

esc imitates a behaviour of a system in real time with automatic, complex simulation. Requirements are validated and evaluated graphically. Test protocols are generated, revisions saved.

esc is a member of a consortium for R&D of ionizing radiation detection systems for applications in medical diagnostics, radiotherapy, radiation dosimetry, defectoscopy and other fields.

esc develops a custom ultrasonic testing software for an important player on the world market of ultrasonic and non-destructive testing.




From industrial chillers and heat exchangers to PLC programming

Radiation Detectors

And other embedded system solutions and payloads


Intelligent transportation systems, including navigation and vehicle tracking systems