The instrument 2SD [tu:esdi:] (Space Dosimetry System Demonstrator)

The instrument 2SD [tu:esdi:] (Space Dosimetry System Demonstrator) is composed of two detectors: SXRM (SpacepiX Radiation Monitor) SXM (Soft X-ray Monitor) The SXRM is a radiation monitor based on the revolutionary SpacePix2 ASIC. It can be used for a wide range of space radiation monitoring applications and was developed in cooperation between esc Aerospace and […]


Increasing drone threats at airports

London Gatwick Airport reports another incidence with a drone writes Michael Wieland, UAV DACH’s manning director in his latest LinkIn post. Threats like this one have caused total airport shut downs in the past, along financial losses in the multi-million Euro range. Not to mention the threat to passengers. esc Aerospace provides solutions to detect, […]


Friday 5th, 7:41PM: SpacePix Detector® launch!

A team of Czech academia and industry has developed new SpacePix Detectors® for cosmic weather studies. On Friday July 5th, 2019 a set of detectors will be launched board the Russian satellite Socrat-R. The primary mission is to monitor the cosmic weather and the Earth’s radiation field. SpacePix uses unique monolithic pixel detectors developed by […]