Enterprise Integrity Management (escEIM™)

DATA are your gold nuggets & digital assets.
INTEGRITY Management is the safe for all your data.

WE MAKE SURE that you know how, when and by whom files and parameters had been be touched.

These data on servers, network devices, IoT-systems, security equipment and IP-related products (cars, aircrafts, trains, ships, etc.) will automatically and periodically be monitored and can be logged in depth for reports and forensic details.
We provide global and centralized monitoring of all changes and manipulations to files and parameters like create, open, modify, rename, copy, move, delete. Almost every action can be created to monitor and enforce your business requirement ‚policies‘ for alerts. This guarantees that files and parameters can’t be changed without your knowledge. Our policy approach will guide your users to keep track of internal and external policies. In most use cases the system runs agent-free.

Our Enterprise Integrity Management (escEIM™) solution boosts your IT and your integrity compliance to a new level of data security and integrity. The EIM system provides the last remaining edge of C-I-A data-security.