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esc Aerospace is a small, agile product neutral systems integrator and product developer with the depth of experience of a large corporation. Our size, low overhead, extensive solutions partnerships and global reach enable us to meet the highest complexity technological challenges and meet our clients need with best value solutions.

All three esc Aerospace companies are independently owned and operated to better serve specific customer requirements.

Full Service Systems Integration, Complex Systems Development

On-board systems

  • Qualified flight software
  • Avionics & on-board computer (OBC) – escOBC™
  • Radiation monitor & sensor systems


  • Secure & resilient communications leveraging SATCOM (escSRC™)
  • Data analytics

Test systems (EGSE/SCOE)

IT, OT, Cyber & Enterprise Security

Processes (IT, OT, products)

  • Strategy consulting (interim security management staffing, CISO)
  • Project management
  • Assessment, design, improvement & audits (ISO 27001)


  • Tailored user awareness
  • Training (product & process)

Technologies (Concept, PoC & implementation)

  • Network: Firewall, IDS, IPS, Vulnerability Management and Scanner
  • Endpoint: AV, exploit prevention
  • Corporate Information Security:
    Enterprise Integrity Management (escEIM™), Data Leakage Prevention (DLP), Data Protection (GDPR)

Command and Control, Sensor Integration, Autonomy, Counter UAS

Custom Development

  • Aerial targets
  • Custom UAS development

Command and Control

  • Avionics and auto pilots
  • Autonomy
  • Visual Relative Navigation
  • Positioning, Navigation and Timing (escPNT™)
  • Secure and Resilient Communication (escSRC™)


  • escCUAS™ – Counter UAS
  • escMSAP™ – Multi Service Aerial Platform
  • UAS Traffic Management (UTM) integration

Solutions and Innovation



esc Aerospace US, Inc.

3259 Progress Drive
Orlando, FL 32826
United States of America

Please visit esc Aerospace US for more information.

Czech Republic

esc Aerospace s.r.o.

Čs. Armády 14
160 00 Prague
Czech Republic


esc Aerospace GmbH

Willy-Messerschmitt-Str. 1
82024 Taufkirchen