esc signed the OSRA-p contract

March 28, 2014

Within SAVOIR (, work is on-going since several years with the aim to define a reference architecture for space avionics, including the on-board software as well as hardware (see Figure 1). For the on-board software reference architecture (OSRA) the aim is to define common components/ building blocks for the platform software stack. Also, development processes and tools corresponding to these defined architectures and building blocks are being developed. All together this gives us a common and coherent software basis upon which payload software can be developed.

Now, building upon the results for the OSRA for spacecraft platform software, we want to take a step into the payload development domain. The overall objective is to define an on-board software reference architecture for payloads (OSRA-P), and take into account mission-specific challenges.

  1. Review the payload development domain
  2. Define the OSRA‐P
  3. Demonstrating OSRA‐P

The third stage will demonstrate the viability of OSRA-P. The demonstration at this point will not include an implementation of a general on-board software reference architecture for payloads, but rather a study of how well existing payloads could be realised using the software reference architecture, design patterns, and building blocks. A future step would be to do an actual implementation of the OSRA-P.