Unmanned Systems

The doubling of computer processing speed every 18 months, known as Moore’s Law, is just one manifestation of the exponential growth trend that all technological has experienced in recent years. These technology advancements are a huge asset but may also cause significant complexities and represent huge risks to any enterprise.

That’s why esc Aerospace is developing solutions that leverage todays technologies to provide a clear picture of what’s happening in local environments and around the world, providing systems and service that leverage these technological advances in Unmanned Systems (ground, aircraft, underwater) control and autonomy, and provide reliable, secure, accurate position and timing necessary to enable equipment control/autonomy and situational awareness.

Our systems turn data into knowledge and enable the full capabilities of unmanned systemsincluding custom UAS Development, command and control of autonomy, as well as development of mission systems/applications that leverage autonomous vehicles.

Custom Development
  • Aerial targets
  • Custom UAS Development
Command and Control
  • Avionics/Auto Pilot
  • Autonomy
  • Visual Relative Navigation
  • Positioning, Navigation and Timing (escPNT™)
  • Secure and Resilient Communication (escSRC™)
  • escCUAS™ – Counter UAS
  • escMSAP™ – Multi Service Aerial Platform
  • UAS Traffic Management (UTM) integration

What we do

  • escPNT™

    resilient positioning, navigation and timing

  • escSRC™

    secure and resilient communication

  • escCUAS™

    counter drones – a new part of corporate security management

  • Avionics/Auto Pilot

    explore our 5th generation avionics

  • escMSAP™

    drones customized to your needs

  • UAS Traffic Management (UTM)

    solutions for safe integration of UAS into air traffic